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Outrageous Productivity in a World of Distractions

We’ve all felt the pain of procrastination, crippling perfectionism, and unfulfilled goals. We juggle so many things in our multitasking only to find that we’re not any further along than we thought we would be. In this keynote presentation, Dr. Joe highlights fundamental misunderstandings about time, multitasking, procrastination, and perfectionism that are keeping people from fulfilling their potential, under-performing at work, and failing to meet goals. After this presentation, your audience won’t look at time the same way.

Positive Interaction with Difficult People

In a funny, thought-provoking, and inspirational presentation, Dr. Joe demonstrates how to turn difficult people around—creating an ally instead of an adversary—and what to do when the difficult person can’t be changed or persuaded. He showcases embarrassing mistakes and tremendous victories, falling on his face as well as turning around the most intractable people. Dr. Joe’s stories and insights will impart powerful lessons your audience will remember for a lifetime.

Be An Inspired Leader!

This high-energy, highly interactive, and motivational keynote explores the core of leadership and creates a roadmap that dispatchers can use to become more inspired and inspiring to others. Dr. Joe infuses his presentation with humor, music, and a surprise or two. His talk includes what he learned from a Soviet General, a harmonica, and that time he bombed in front of his first audience. This is the perfect keynote to use to kick off a conference or as the first presentation after lunch to keep your audience energized, excited, and engaged.

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