Making the Shift to
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The 360° Dispatcher offers unique, high-energy, high-interaction classes that challenge participants to move from the inside out, to understand their own motives, choices, and the results they’re getting in their professional and personal lives. The classes don’t shy away from asking tough, thought-provoking questions while entertaining and educating.

Our Training Classes

As 9-1-1 professionals, you are caregivers to the world! You often give and give without concern for yourself. But without careful attention and regular check-ins, the challenges of the job can overwhelm even the most psychologically hardy. Research has shown that those who prioritize their resilience are happier on the job, feel more confident about their day, and experience greater life satisfaction. This class offers powerful tools and strategies for understanding and transforming stress. ​

You interact with difficult people all the time. Sometimes it’s the frequent flyer or the impatient citizen. It can often be your colleagues or supervisors. You need proven tools and techniques for handling difficult people: understanding where they’re coming from and giving the right response at the right time and in the right way. This class provides powerful insight and easy-to-use strategies for dealing with difficult people without losing your mind.

You may think you’d be more successful if callers weren’t so annoying. Or if your supervisor weren’t such a jerk. Or the work weren’t so stressful. The fact is your success is determined almost wholly by the level of your own emotional intelligence. This class explains the critical importance of emotional intelligence and how it applies to your daily work life, explores the four pillars of emotional intelligence, and provides proven ways to improve your emotional intelligence immediately.

Between shift work, mandatory overtime, and being on call, you need an effective system to accomplish all the tasks that await you, especially on your days off. Unfortunately, most 9-1-1 professionals are heroic caregivers who want to be of service, which often means they don’t know how to say “no” to people or effectively manage their time. This class provides effective, practical tools for managing time, getting organized, and dealing with procrastination and other productivity issues.

When you spend most of your waking hours at the comm center, you want your effort to mean something more than just the work you’re doing today. You want it to be meaningful and long-lasting, positively impacting the comm center and community long after you retired. Developing a great leadership style that empowers others is the single best way to make a lasting impact. This class explores the foundations of leadership and how to create a powerful legacy. ​

One of the most difficult positions in telecommunications is supervisor. One day you’re one of the group, the next day you’re their boss, with little preparation for the new role. This class explores goal setting, delegating, praising and disciplining, the critical importance of following up, managing vs. micromanaging, critical thinking skills and problem solving, and how to most effectively interact up the chain of command.

All of us know it’s extremely difficult to stay motivated in our work, especially in a demanding job like emergency communications. It’s of vital importance that you develop strategies to maintain your motivation and understand how you can motivate others as well. This class explores extrinsic and intrinsic motivation, why carrots and sticks often aren’t effective, and practical strategies for both one-minute motivation and long-term motivation. ​

Money is at the core of most of life’s most difficult issues. Frequently, arguments arise out of money issues. Feelings of self-worth arise out of money issues. Your sense of success is often determined by your money issues. Many of us didn’t grow up with good examples of money discipline so we’re not even sure what to do. This class gets inside the money issue discussing the psychology of money, tracking where your money goes, and presents a system for greater money responsibility.

Fear and resistance are the biggest obstacles in our way, obstacles we don’t talk about nearly enough. We avoid promotion because we’re afraid of rejection. We don’t speak up because we might embarrass ourselves. We gossip, criticize, and blame out of fear that we ourselves won’t be good enough for others. All of this affects every part of our work and home lives. This class takes a deep dive into fear and resistance and provides strategies for creating a strong foundation upon which all else is built.

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