Our training offers powerful tools and strategies for understanding and
transforming stress, whether your stress comes from fear,
poor time management, dealing with difficult people,
or bad physical and financial shape.

What's at Stake?

When you’re sick and tired of the people around you, the job is getting to you, and you just want to throttle someone, everything suffers.
– Lousy morale
– Lateness to shift
– Increased sick-time usage
– Declining health
– Poor customer service
– Burnout

These and more lead to high attrition rates, which makes life miserable for everyone who stays. The voice inside your head gets louder and louder: “Only 9 years, 4 months, and 3 days until retirement.”

Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be that way. Comm centers across the country have made incredible strides in becoming great places to work. You, too, can use the tools and techniques that made them successful to transform your center, your home, and your life. 

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9-1-1 Leadership Training Event

The 360° Dispatcher hosts powerful, life-changing training events at the Mayan Ranch in Bandera, TX. Join your colleagues from around the country for transformational classes on leadership, emotional intelligence, accountability, discipline, motivation, and time management.

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9-1-1 Leadership Training Event

March 2024 - Sold Out
September 2024 - Sold Out

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Dispatcher Stress

One of the most popular books in the field, Dispatcher Stress contains 50 powerful, easy-to-read Lessons for transforming stress into strength. Each Lesson offers two inspirational quotations, an action step to reduce stress, and a bite-size Takeaway.

“I highly recommend this book. I have been in public safety for 30+ years and have been totally re-motivated by this book!”
Roxie Dodd 
Training Administrator, Greater Harris County (Houston) 9-1-1 Network (ret.)


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